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Before Cat Mother – recordings and history

Bel Airs – Paul Johnson

Au Go  Go Singers – Roy Michaels

Dirty Shames – Roy Michaels, Bob Smith

Charlie Brown’s Generation – Bob Smith, Roy Michaels

Little Flowers – Mark Gauche

On YouTube Little Flowers has two songs under the name the Thunder Frog Ensemble.
1. Baby, Please Don’t Put Me On
2. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love

The Gurus – Pete Smith, Mark Gauche

Michael Orell, the face below on the bottom right, is the guitar player (second from right) in Little Flowers. Mark Gauche (far right, above) played bass for The Gurus following the release of their only lp. In the late 60’s, Orell composed the music for Shake-a-Pudd’n commercials.

The Ginger Men- Michael Equine

After being burned out at the Gordian Knot (see article), the Ginger Men called it quits. John and Terry Boylan continued writing and recording. The result was the Appletree Theatre album recorded with New York session musicians. Michael Equine is credited as drummer on two tracks.

Appletree Theater – Michael Equine

The Family of Apostolic – Pete Smith, Jay Ungar, Lyn Hardy

Rock and Other Four Letter Words – Larry Packer, Jake Jacobs

The Conqueroo – Charlie Prichard

Ambergris – Billy Shay

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