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Friends & Associates – recordings and history

Cat Mother met the Pablo light show in Greenwich Village in 1967. The Pablo Light Show followed Cat Mother to Mendocino

The Hamilton Face Band

The Hamilton Face Band formed in New York City in 1967 and disbanded in Los Angeles in 1971. When Cat Mother moved west in November 1969, the Hamiton Face Band moved into Cat Mother’s apartment in Greenwich Village. In the early 70s, members Lenny Laks, Alan Cooper, and new drummer Andy Kandanes relocated to Mendocino and played in local bands.

Allan “Jake” Jacobs

Charlie Chin, Bob Smith, and Larry Packer contributed to Jake’s recordings. Jake contributed to Cat Mother’s final two albums.

Quinames Band

The Quinames Band evolved through Jake and the Family Jewels. Larry Packer played with the Quinames after their album was released. Jake Jacobs, Bill Keith, and Richard Grando all contributed to Cat Mother’s Last Chance Dance album. Also associated with the Fugs.

George “Smoke” Dawson

“Smoke” Dawson played fiddle with Cat Mother during the fall of 1967 after Jay Ungar left and before, ultimately, finding Larry Packer. He later moved to Mendocino and recorded this album during his time there. For more info