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Steve Davidson

Congas, Percussion, Flute 1970-1973+


  • New Jersey
  • Winnard-Farmer Percussion Group
  • San Francisco State College
  • Sandy Pinkard
  • Mark LeVine Review
  • The Gonzo Bandits
  • Horse Badorties    
  • Smith
  • Lenny Laks and Friends
  • Mambo This! 
  • Hedzoleh Sounds
  • Gray Street

Steve was born in Philadelphia, PA on August 17, 1944, but grew up in Atlantic City, NJ where he learned to play congas with locals known as the Winnard-Farmer Percussion Group. After graduating from Atlantic City H.S. in 1962 he attended Rider College before transferring to (then) San Francisco State College where he graduated in 1969 with a B.A. in English.