Second Album – 1970


Albion Doo-Wah

Polydor 24-4023 2425 021

Recorded at Pacific High Recorders, San Francisco Feb/March 1970
Engineer: Bob Schumacher Technical assistance by Pablo (west)
Assistance: Peter Weston, Richard Olsen, Arthur Dinsmore, Luanne … and our ladies, kids, dogs.
Art direction and graphics by Virgo Grafix Photography by Ric Lane/Earthworks

Michael Equine … percussion, vocals
Bob Smith … piano, organ, vocals
Roy Michaels … bass, guitar, vocals
Jay Ungar … violin, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Larry Packer … guitar, violin, viola
Paul Johnson … guitar on Turkish Taffy, The Boonville Massacre
Special guest .. .
Lyndon Lee Hardy … vocals on The Last Go Round, Been All Around The World

  1. Riff Raff (Equine-Packer-Michaels-Smith) 5:28
  2. Turkish Taffy (Smith) 2:58
  3. The Boonville Massacre (Smith) 4:11
  4. I Must Be Dreaming (Smith) 4:17
  5. The Last Go Round (Ungar) 3:20
  1. Strike A Match And Light Another (Ungar) 2:49
  2. Been All Around The World (Traditional…arr. By Cat Mother) 4:58
  3. Good Times (Michaels) 3:06
  4. Theme From Albion Doo-Wah (Michaels-Equine-Smith-Ungar-Packer) 4:14
  5. Rise Above It (Smith) 3:14